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What Did This New Farmer Do to Quickly Opening The Dalian Aerial Control Market?

Jun 04 , 2024

In this episode of "Insightful Agriculture," the focus is on Li Qingxian, the head of Dalian Binjiang Agriculture. Not only is he an expert in orchard aerial spraying services, but also an innovator dedicated to building a digital orchard management platform.


Li Qingxian entered the agricultural pest control field as a newcomer. Previously, he had rich work experience in unmanned procurement and quality management. However, the high-intensity work pace of the city left him feeling mentally and physically exhausted, prompting him to choose unmanned aerial vehicles for pest control as a new starting point. "Agriculture, like Mother Earth, bestows upon everyone who works hard in it," he said.



In his view, Dalian, as an important producer of northern fruits, has an urgent demand for aerial spraying services, and there is huge potential for the development of digital agriculture. "70% of the fruits in the three northeastern provinces are produced in Liaoning, with 70% of them coming from the Dalian, Yingkou, and Dandong areas. In Dalian alone, the apple planting area exceeds 500,000 mu, cherries cover 370,000 mu, peaches cover 350,000 mu, and the overall planting area is about 1,100,000 mu, with 8-10 pesticide applications per year."


However, Liaoning Province faces severe aging issues, with the highest aging rate in the country, with a population over 65 accounting for 18.9%. There is an extreme shortage of professional labor in the field of aerial spraying, highlighting the huge potential of the agricultural social service market.


1. Each generation is better than the last, achieving good results and market success


Li Qingxian encountered Eavision three years ago, with the first product he used being the EA-30XP. "Dalian was exposed to drones relatively early. In 2016, drone manufacturers started offering services for garden and orchard pest control. However, the results were not ideal. Many farmers believed that drones could only spray foliar fertilizer, only reaching the surface of the leaves and unable to spray the underside, making it difficult to deal with pests such as red spider mites."


The EA-30XP had extremely strong terrain following capability, making it outstanding in the industry at the time. Its low flying altitude and uniform, thorough spraying solved many problems that most drones on the market couldn't address.



Based on the good results and user experience of the EA-30XP, Li Qingxian purchased the new J100 without hesitation after its release last year. "The J100 product has increased payload capacity compared to previous models, and the nozzles have been upgraded. I think the key point this year is that this product utilizes lidar technology, which should be a pioneering move in the industry. This lidar technology greatly improves the efficiency and obstacle avoidance effect of the overall operation."



Since purchasing the machine, Li Qingxian has spent six months conducting extensive field experiments and fluorescent dye efficacy verification with farmers. "The experimental results show that the pesticide is evenly distributed on the leaf surface, back of the leaves, and inner layer, achieving uniform and thorough spraying. Farmers highly appreciate the aerial spraying effect of the J100. Dalian Binjiang Agriculture has also quickly opened up the market in a short period of time."


2. Promoting agricultural digitization transformation through agricultural alliances and hosting platforms


To provide better services, Li Qingxian joined hands with local veteran agricultural input merchants, professional pilots, and more than 100 agricultural input stores to establish a plant protection alliance. Based on local conditions and crop characteristics, the alliance designed personalized annual plant protection plans. The plan was developed by experts within the alliance, and the plant protection operations were carried out by a professional pilot team according to the plan.



The core advantage of this alliance lies in resource integration, with hundreds of pilots combining the wisdom of agricultural experts, the support of local veteran agricultural input merchants, and the network linkage of agricultural input stores, ensuring the professionalism and efficiency of the service.


Through the plant protection alliance platform, the team has trained over 200 pilots in Liaoning Province and achieved significant results in areas such as garden nurseries. Through the aerial spraying operations and technical support of the alliance platform, the labor costs of a large garden nursery have been reduced by 26.5%, and pesticide usage has decreased by 30%, significantly reducing costs.


In addition, the platform also provides additional services such as orchard hosting, actively helping farmers expand sales channels, increase added value, etc., winning widespread interest and support from local farmers.


"This is an orchard hosting platform that integrates professional talents, convenient services, and one-stop plant protection solutions. It fundamentally solves the three major problems faced by orchards—picking, pest control, and sales—and gradually realizes the digitization transformation of orchards, allowing users to enjoy one-stop services from plant protection management to direct sales of agricultural products." Li Qingxian shared.


Currently, China is facing challenges such as aging population and low regional mechanization levels. Eavision actively responds to the call of the rural revitalization strategy, explores a "people + machine + agent + technology" system solution, establishes a training-spraying-maintenance-sales integrated service model, and promotes agricultural digitization transformation through the integration of technology and the new agricultural service model, with excellent partners like Dalian Binjiang Agriculture.

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