NHK: Drones make Agriculture Smarter

Oct 20 , 2023


Nowadays, smart agriculture is drawing much attention. With the expansion of the global market, various enterprises all over the world enter the field of artificial intelligence, which accelerates the competition. Agri Week held last week attracted more than 100 companies to participate. Among them, drones researched and developed by EAVISION draw the attention of NHK as they can avoid obstacles and spray pesticide autonomously in areas where humans can hardly reach, like hilly and mountainous areas. Moreover, with the help of artificial intelligence, they can sense obstacles in real time without the need to survey in advance. Up till now, EAVISION drones have been widely used on cash crops, including coffee beans in Brazile, tea in China, fruits in Southeast Asia, and more.




Japan is a country with advanced agricultural technology. The positive feedback from Japanese users would benefit a lot for marketing in other countries and regions. EAVISION agricultural drones will further assist the development of smart agriculture.





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