EAvision intelligent agricultural drones have remarkable effects on sugarcane flying prevention!

Mar 17 , 2022

In 2022, EAvision agriculture drone will continue to implement the sugarcane plant protection project to improve the efficiency of sugarcane pest control and help increase sugarcane production and income.

This project embodies the combination of "production, education and research", using EAvision agriculture drone high-tech plant protection drones and the latest scientific research achievements of colleges and universities to solve the practical problems of the sugarcane industry and expand the scale of sugarcane production by serving enterprises.


In terms of economic benefits, the unmanned aerial vehicle controls the sugarcane area. Compared with the traditional control method, the flying control can reduce the dosage by 20% per mu, save 0.4 manpower, and increase the output by 618.93kg to 1115.94kg.


In terms of ecological benefits, EAvision agriculture drone has changed the traditional method of pest control through "efficient and safe" green flight control, improving the effect of pest control, reducing the abuse of pesticides, and improving the quality and safety of agricultural products; reducing the impact of pesticides on Soil and water pollution, ensure food quality and safety, protect rural ecological environment, and promote the sustainable development of agriculture in the project area.

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