Eavision attended the 8th Drone World Congress 2024

May 31 , 2024



The 8th Drone World Congress is held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on May 24, 2024 with the theme " Low-altitude Economy, The Future". The congress focused on topics such as drones and low-altitude economy, low-altitude digital transportation, low-altitude flight services, eVTOL technology innovation and application, low-altitude airspace opening and management, logistics emergency drones, artificial intelligence robots, etc., setting up more than 40 parallel forums and over 60 product technology exchange meetings. Eavision was invited to attend the 2024 Drone World Congress and International Conference of Precision Agriculture Aviation Industry Development 2024.


The forum was held on May 25th in the Osmanthus Hall on the 6th floor of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. It was jointly organized by the Society for International Precision Agricultural Aviation, and Shenzhen UAV Industry Association, and other units, focusing on further enhancing exchanges in the agricultural aviation industry, and improving the research and application of agricultural aviation. Liu Houchen, head of the Eavision R&D Center, was invited to attend the forum and gave a special presentation titled "Application of Eavision Drone CCMS System in Agricultural Plant Protection".



During the presentation, Liu Houchen detailed the product advantages and obstacle avoidance technology of the Eavision multi-functional smart agricultural drone EA-J100, emphasizing the application of the Eavision Drone CCMS system in agricultural plant protection. The CCMS's mist Rolling Fluid Field technology and the characteristics of fine, comprehensive, and uniform deposition of droplets attracted the attention of the audience. "The historical moment of China's intelligent agricultural machinery overtaking on the curve with precision, effectiveness, and efficiency at its core has arrived," he shared.


Currently, drones are widely used in agriculture, forestry, plant protection, emergency rescue, forest protection, disaster prevention and reduction, geology and meteorology, urban planning and management, and many other industries, with tremendous growth potential. According to relevant statistics, by the end of 2023, there were more than 19,000 drone operating companies nationwide, with an annual output value of 152,000,000,000 yuan. There were 1,267,000 registered drones, over 1,000 types of mass-produced drones, 3,170,000 civilian drones delivered, and 23,110,000 hours of flight. The low-altitude economy represented by drones is gradually becoming a new engine driving social and economic growth.


In the future, Eavision will seize the new wave of low-altitude economy, grasp the evolving market opportunities, actively explore the advantages of the low-altitude economic industry, and open a new chapter in green agriculture under the low-altitude economy with a pioneering and innovative attitude. Establish a socialized flying and prevention service system through the organic combination of government guidance, policy support, and socialized operation, and create a standardized and unified agricultural modern management solution focusing on prevention through innovative models, continuously promoting the application and popularization of plant protection drones in the industry, and escorting agricultural development with technology!

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