EA-30X new machine shines on display to help science and technology flourish agriculture

Jul 12 , 2021

On December 3, EAvision held the "Everything Grows·2022 EAvision Robot(EAvision) Technology Annual Conference". The new product, the global sensing intelligent drone plant EA-30X, was unveiled, adding new wings to the mechanization of hilly and mountainous areas.

Review of the results of 2021, EAvision has become a super assist for China's agriculture


The meeting first reviewed the contribution of EAvision plant protection drones to China's agriculture in 2021. In 2021, EAvision has made a significant contribution to the application of technology in the field of agriculture and forestry, breaking through the pain points of the industry in hills and mountains, the complex terrain and environment of agriculture and forestry, and promoting the establishment of 5 industry standards, and in-depth exploration of intelligent equipment and plant protection technology Combined crop full-process solution. It brings a safer and more effective green flight control mode for the majority of agricultural and forestry practitioners.


Take over all-terrain coverage day and night, exert force on weak links of mechanization


With nearly 2 billion mu of arable land in China, there are weak links, industries, and regions that cannot be ignored. The thick canopy of fruit trees and the complex planting terrain has led to a generally low rate of mechanization of fruit trees. Intelligent and autonomous plant protection drones are the key to solving problems in complex and diverse agricultural production scenarios. In this context, EAvision EA-30X came into being. EA-30X new generation of binocular environment sensing technology, safe and dynamic continuous obstacle avoidance, full coverage of terrain below 90 degrees; a new generation of night navigation lighting system can realize the independent operation of binocular day and night; CCMS-L20000 double peak mist spray nozzle, penetrate Thick canopy crops can significantly increase the amount of medicine carried on the leaves. The three technologies complement each other and aim to focus on the weak links of my country's agricultural hilly mechanization.

Intelligent optimization and improvement of energy efficiency bring more possibilities for smart agriculture


EAvision Robot understands that "the advancement of science and technology is not for human beings, but for the growth of all things". Adhering to the concept of "mechanization + digital agriculture", it promotes the continuous optimization of EA-30X intelligence, continuous improvement of energy efficiency, and achieves fixed-point precision spraying. Descending point intelligent path planning, FPV integrated remote control system, enclosing the land and flying, and minimize the full load and no-load invalid flight time, improve the operating efficiency by more than 30%. The newly added 5C charging mode realizes "two power and one charge, easy cycle", reduces battery maintenance and realizes intelligent maintenance, real-time scheduling, and monitoring of aircraft conditions, and brings more possibilities for intelligent plant protection.


At the meeting, EAvision Robot released a global industrial development strategy. With the support of many strategic partners, customers, and industrial capital, it will give full play to its technological leadership and industrial collaborative innovation advantages, comprehensively expand overseas markets, implement the "Belt and Road" strategy, and help the world. Agricultural intelligence upgrades and long-term sustainable, high-quality development.


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